KingswaySoft winter release (v9.2)

KingswaySoft just pushed out their Winter release for the Dynamics 365 toolkit (version 9.2), which primarily contains fixes in their toolkit. One of the bugs it fixes, is something I ran into myself.

When using an upsert action to an N:N Destination, it can cause an Object reference error. I recieved a hotfix from KingswaySoft at the time, but now they pushed the fix into their new version. You can download it at their website here!

Version 9.2 – December 14, 2017

The following are the updates and enhancements made for each group of components.

  • [AX] New: We added support for custom actions in the AX destination component when working with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (this introduces a breaking change as the new SSIS metadata introduced for the component is not compatible with an older version – the component will silently upgrade to the new SSIS metadata to support the new capability – once the upgrade is done, it can no longer run against an older version).
  • [AX] Fixed: When working with the latest updates of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (v7.2), you may receive an error when processing the metadata received from the server, due to the new metadata behaviors introduced in the new version.
  • [CRM] New: We added support for Upsert action when working with principalobjectaccess entity in the CRM destination component.
  • [CRM] Fixed: The CRM OptionSet mapping component might report some strange errors during runtime complaining about the value does not fit in the buffer. This was a regression bug introduced in v9.1.
  • [CRM] Fixed: The CRM source component returned timezone-adjusted values for Date Only fields.
  • [CRM] Fixed: When using the Upsert action for a N:N relationship entity in the CRM destination component, it might report an object reference error at runtime.
  • [NAV] New: We added support of Dynamics NAV 2018.
  • [All] Update: Update of licensing component to better support servers within a clustered environment to minimize potential false licensing errors.

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