KingswaySoft Spring release v10

KingswaySoft recently released their spring 2018 release marked as version 10. This release introduces numerous awesome changes, which makes data integration and transformation a lot easier and seamless.

Some of the changes include:

  • The CRM Source component now includes a SQL to FetchXML converter which allows you to convert SQL script to FetchXML query directly within the CRM Source component UI.
  • The Text Lookup feature in the CRM destination component now supports a secondary field when the Manually Specify option is used.
  • We added a new lookup method called Nullify Input Values to our Text Lookup feature, so it will default all input values to empty when a lookup reference to a particular target entity is received.

And there is a lot more awesome changes than the ones pointed out here – these are just some of the ones I am excited about.

To read more, and download the latest version of the Dynamics 365 toolkit, visit their website at

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