KingswaySoft Summer 2016 release

KingswaySoft sent out new updates for their toolkits, and the CRM toolkit contains a bunch of handy new features. Especially the function to use Manually Specify for Updates, is something I’ve been missing on several occations.

  • New: Update action in CRM destination component now support all four matching options in the same fashion as we do for Upsert action. Support for the following two matching options was added: CRM Duplicate Detection, Manually Specify.
  • New: We added support of writing to custom Customer type field in the destination component.
  • New: We added a new option to the CRM connection manager – IgnoreCertificateErrors, which can be used to ignore any SSL certificate errors.
  • New: When using the CRM destination component to close an incident, opportunity, quote, or salesorder record, we now support writing to its corresponding close entity, including incidentresolution, opportunityclose, quoteclose, and orderclose.
  • Enhancement: Updated support for CRM 2016 Update 1.
  • Enhancement: When createdby or modifiedby field is mapped in CRM destination component, we now support a Batch Size which can provide some significant performance improvement when it is required to retain values for those two fields.
  • Fixed: When aggregation function is used in FetchXML query, the CRM source component only returns the number of records as specified by the “Batch Size” field.

For more information, you can see KingswaySofts’ website here

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