Running Python from PowerShell: A Powerful Duo for Script Execution

Python and PowerShell, both renowned for their versatility, serve distinct purposes within the scripting landscape. Python, with its extensive library ecosystem and readability, is often favored for tasks like data manipulation, machine learning, and web development. On the other hand, PowerShell, native to Windows environments, excels in system administration, automation, and task orchestration.

Despite their differences, Python and PowerShell complement each other exceptionally well. PowerShell provides seamless integration with Windows systems and offers powerful features for managing processes, interacting with the filesystem, and executing commands. Leveraging PowerShell’s capabilities to execute Python scripts opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to combine the strengths of both languages to tackle complex automation challenges.

When we need to trigger a python script, it’s not enough to simply attempt to run the .py script, but we also need to include the interpreter in the script.

$pythonInterpreter = "path to interpreter"
$pythonScriptPath = "path the the python file needed to be executed"
Start-Process -FilePath $pythonInterpreter -ArgumentList $pythonScriptPath -NoNewWindow -Wait

The script we’re triggering here, is a simply print of “Hello world!”

We then save the .py file, and target the in the PowerShell file along with the interpreter.

When running the powershell file, we see the print in the Powershell.

In conclusion, the integration of Python scripts with PowerShell represents a powerful synergy that empowers developers and system administrators to achieve more with their automation efforts. By combining Python’s rich ecosystem and readability with PowerShell’s seamless integration with Windows systems, you can create versatile, efficient automation solutions that leverage the strengths of both languages. Whether you’re managing system resources, automating administrative tasks, or orchestrating complex workflows, harnessing the power of Python and PowerShell together opens up new possibilities for innovation and productivity in the world of scripting and automation.

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