KingswaySoft introduces their Dynamics365 toolkit

In response to the launch of Microsofts Dynamics 365, which merges their dynamics systems into one (CRM, NAV and AX), KingswaySoft is also merging their toolkit for these systems into one. And that merge offers us (the CRM developers) some awesome new features.

While they have introduced their new collective toolkit, the old CRM, NAV and AX toolkits have been decommissioned. The update offers some new features for the CRM source which I personally have been waiting for – the ability to use the fetchXML from a view in CRM, instead of downloading the fetchXML from CRM.

Here is a list of the changes to the CRM toolkit (From KingswaySoft’s website):

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Components

  • New: We added support for “Skipped Rows” output in the CRM destination component. This is also a breaking change, as a prior version (v7.4 or earlier) would not be able to process an SSIS package that contains a CRM destination component with the “Skipped Rows” output enabled.
  • New: You can now open a CRM view to be used to the FetchXML query in the CRM source component. Also added is the capability to load the query from a file.
  • New: Text Lookup feature now supports using SSIS variables in its Optional default value.
  • New: We added a ProxyMode option to Dynamics 365/CRM connection manager, which now supports three types of proxy mode: No Proxy, Auto-detect and Manual.
  • Enhancement: We updated the support for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.
  • Fixed: When createdby field is mapped in the destination component for Create action, if the field is configured to use Text Lookup and the lookup has failed for a record, the error message in the Error Output can be misaligned with its actual row, if the destination component’s Error Handling is set to “Redirect rows to error output”.
  • Fixed: When working with CRM 4 or CRM 3, you might get “Object reference not set to an instance of an object error” when using <distinct> in FetchXML and the actual number of distinct results is greater than the batch size you have specified in the query.

You can download the new toolkit here, or follow this link to KingswaySoft’s website, where you can also read additional information to this toolkit.

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