New job: Clubtimiser A/S

We have over the last few years been developing a CRM solution for sports clubs, to help them manage their sponsors, partners, and matches – and that solution have now given birth to a whole new company: Clubtimiser A/S.

The whole CRM department at Nordic Computer A/S was shifted to this new company, so we could continue to develop on the solution and support our constantly growing list of customers. This have been (and still is) a fantastic journey we’ve begun!

Create structure and control your value chain with Clubtimiser

Clubtimiser is an industry specific overall CRM solution for professional sports clubs. It is developed on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and helps solving challenges and “pains” experienced by sports clubs regarding value chain management such as pipeline management, account management, capacity management of products, an overview of sponsorships, event management, etc.

Clubtimiser can easily be integrated with the ERP system, keeping the invoicing and financial management there.

Overview of sponsors

Clubtimiser makes it easy for the sales department to get an overview of the club’s sponsors. The individual account manager will have the opportunity to control his own accounts and to see the duration of a sponsorship and when it is time to re-sign.

Furthermore, the account manager can by only a few clicks generate a quotation as well as a new sponsorship agreement directly from Clubtimiser, which can be sent to the sponsor. Clubtimiser will reduce administrative tasks and remove the many spreadsheets, freeing up resources for the sales staff to sell more.

Exposure quite simply

Sports clubs sell sponsor exposure i.e. via fixed boards or LED boards in all sports arenas. These are not conventional products as they cannot be bought, produced or stocked. They can only be sold once per time interval and will provide countless combinations, which the ERP system finds hard to handle. Moving the handling to Clubtimiser will provide a complete overview.

Clubtimiser can also manage events and the challenges connected such as invitations, registrations, catering, etc. In this way, logistics will be optimised and costs will be reduced significantly.

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