Migration Starter Pack for CRM Online & On-Premise

KingswaySoft recently announced a Announcing Migration Starter Pack for CRM Online and CRM On-Premise, in which you can migrate standard data in CRM. When migrating the data, you will not have to edit the source or destinations – exept if you are using previous versions of CRM 2016. In that case, you would have to refresh CRM metadata.

There are some pre-requisites, though:
– SSIS toolkit needs to be version 7.3 or later.
– You need to have two working CRM organizations.

The migrations are mapped out with the standard underlying relationship dependencies in mind, and should therefore migrate all data in the correct order. This does not take custom entities into account, and this should be added manually to the package.

To read more, please follow this link: Kingswaysoft.com

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