Update for SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT)

My colleague Henrik Jensen informed me that Microsoft released an update for SSDT at the 30th of june (Build number: 14.0.60629.0). They added a lot of fixes, which will be nice moving forward.

Soo…What’s New?

  • Always Encrypted support: For Databases that contain Always Encrypted columns, this release adds full support for Always Encrypted through our core APIs and command line tool (SqlPackage.exe). You can build and publish database projects with full support for all Always Encrypted features.
  • Temporal Tables enhanced support: Simplified the experience by unlinking temporal tables before alterations and re-linking once these have completed. This means that Temporal Tables have parity with other table types (standard, in-memory) in terms of the operations that are supported.
  • SqlPackage.exe and installation changes: Changes to isolate SSDT from SQL Server engine and SSMS updates.

For more information and the list of fixes, you can read the post on Microsofts website.

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