Open dashboards in a new window

It can sometimes be a requirement, to open a dashboard in a seperat window using a URL – but what does the link look like, and where can you find the info you need?

The URL is a static one, where you only need to replace the GUID for the given dashboard, you wish to open:

https://[CRM Organization][dashboard GUID]&dashboardType=1030&pagemode=iframe

The guid for the dashboard, can be slightly more tedious. One way you can get this (I found this the most reliable), is on the Dashboard editor. When you open a dashboard for edit, you can click on the URL bar, and copy the guid from there. It will look something like this:

https://[CRM Organization]

The part you need to copy out, is the guid located after formId%3d%7b and up to %7d. This is the dashboards GUID. This Guid is then copied into the URL shown above, and that will open the dashboard in a new window.

**Remember to remove the [ ] from the URL. Otherwise it won’t work.

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